Animals Removed From Home in Skowhegan

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - State animal welfare agents contacted Skowhegan police after six dead dogs were found in trash bags in the town of Canaan.

"They were able to trace the animals back to a residence here in the town of Skowhegan during their investigation." said David Bucknam, Skowhegan Police Chief.

The agents asked Skowhegan police to help execute a search warrant, and Wednesday morning, officers entered the home.

"The residence itself was covered in feces, on the walls, on the floors. The smell according to my officers was very acidic and extremely foul smelling."

"Found numerous dogs and puppies in cages who looked extremely malnourished and matted in dog feces."

24-year-old Brett Plourde was arrested at the home. The initial charge was a probation violation, but more charges could be coming.

"There was a large number of animals that were inside there. They had some fish and another snake and some rats as well, but the dogs and the cats were the ones that seemed to be in the most dire need of medical assistance."

The animals were taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

"Hopefully, they will be able to recover from their malnutrition."

Skowhegan Police say they hadn't been called to the residence for any prior problems and are grateful for the work of the animal welfare agents.

"Without them bringing this to our knowledge, we would not have known what was taking place inside the residence."