Cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the state, 3 Mainers have recovered according to Maine CDC

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) As the number of coronavirus cases rises in the state, concerns about availability of personal protective equipment are expected to be alleviated a bit in our state Monday.

This, as the number of cases in Maine is now at 107.

The head of the Maine CDC says we've seen an increase of 18 cases since Sunday.

12 people are hospitalized.

3 people have recovered from the illness.

Here is a breakdown of cases as listed in each county:

Androscoggin: 3
Cumberland: 66
Kennebec: 4
Knox: 1
Lincoln: 5
Oxford: 5
Penobscot: 3
York: 12
5 under investigation, counties not yet released

On Sunday,, there were 89 cases in the state as reported by the Maine CDC.

Dr. Nirvah Shah says that those numbers show an incredible spread of the virus.

According to Shah, 89 is the total number of cases that existed on March 1st in the United States.

There are now 35,000 cases throughout the country. The CDC says this is evidence of how quickly these types of illnesses can spread.

Dr. Shah says continuing the practice of social distancing is key, "I'd like to ask everyone to live your life as if COVID-19 is already in your community. When it comes to outbreaks, we are often, in any outbreak situation just detecting the tip of the iceberg at any one time. And as time goes on we learn more and more about the depth and the scope of that iceberg. So what we know right now is even if COVID-19 is not confirmed in your county, it's likely there."

Equipment including includes masks, face shields, and gloves is being distributed today to providers around the state.

Nearly 22,000 pieces of equipment will be given out to those on the frontline while officials work to increase the supply needed for all workers.

In fact, large quantities of protective supplies are expected to arrive in Maine today from the federal stockpile.

State officials are considering the purchase of an additional piece of equipment that will allow for further testing.

They are also working with commercial labs who may be able to increase the availability of tests.