Caribou Russet potato returns to Bangor

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 4:10 PM EST
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A Maine potato variety featured at Bangor restaurants last year during the High School Basketball Tournament is back.

The Caribou Russet was introduced four years ago.

It's available now at Geaghans Pub & Craft Brewery and Hops House 99 in Hollywood Casino.

The casino will be using them for hand-cut fries.

They've also dedicated a section of the buffet to the special spud.

Don Flannery, Executive Director of the Maine Potato Board, hopes tourney fans will have another chance to try them.

"Kind of an opportunity for them to see something...a Maine made product. A really Maine made product. Developed at the University of Maine and has had big success across the industry and across the country."

Hollywood Casino's Food and Beverage Operations Director says the potato is noticeably better.

"I think they're a little sweeter, a little less starchy. Good consistent crisp to them."

Matthew Laman, Executive Chef at Hollywood Casino says the hand cut fries are made with care.

"It's quite a lengthy process but it's worth the effort that we put into it. We cut the fries, store them in water for a couple hours, then we rinse them off and fry them for three minutes until they get just done. Then we chill them down, put them in buckets and then fry them to order throughout the evening. So it's about as fresh as you can get."

The Caribou Russett will only be available for a limited time.

This season's fresh supply is expected to run out in April.

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