Car crashes into home in Palmyra

PALMYRA, Maine (WABI) - A car crashed into a house in Palmyra Monday night.

"I didn't know if something blew up down cellar or what it was."

It happened around eleven.

"That window and everything busted, laying in the middle of the floor, glass everywhere, sheetrock and then we could hear her screaming and look out and the car was upside down."

The homeowners escaped injury and the driver sustained non-life threatening injuries.

"Basically last night we were reacting, get her out of the car and after she left here we thought we got to get this place tightened up for the night. We can't have a four or five-foot hole in the side of the house all night."

There is significant damage to the house.

"A neighbor offered a bunch of steel roofing and I guess we are going to put that on for the time being so we can get our ducks in a row."

Gary Beem says he often falls asleep in a chair in the living room near where the vehicle came crashing through.

"I woke up a little early last night and thought well time to go to bed."

"He had just gone to bed not even twenty minutes prior to the crash. The chair was just full of sheetrock, drywall."

One resident of the home was still awake when he heard the loud bang.

"I heard what sounded like thunder to me I started to get ready to get up and go out and the screaming starts I saw the car had gone through the house and the window was in the living room."

"Another ten feet over and it would have been my room."

The crash remains under investigation.

"Everyone lived, so I guess we have to look at the good side."