Carhops making a comeback because of pandemic

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 2:44 PM EDT
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"Our first theme was the 50's, and then we did the cowgirl cowboy theme, and then the next weekend happened to be Easter so we did a buffet Easter car hop."

Melanie Fox is the owner of Helen's Restaurant in Ellsworth.

She is preparing for another busy Saturday night with a clown theme car hop.

"It's been a huge success for us. It's kind of kept us with the right mental attitude to just keep pushing through."

She says each Saturday night when they hold the car-hop they see over 100 cars throughout the day.

It's been so successful they might just make it a regular event.

"We are thinking when we re-open at that Phase 1 and go to minimal seating we might be better off doing what we are doing than being inside dining with only 10 tables."

"That one day makes you feel like you worked the week and been successful."

Helen's isn't the only place seeing success, Fast Eddies Drive-In in Winthrop has also been packed.

"The people pull up into our parking spots and they flick their headlights on whenever they are ready to order. We have hanging menus and unlike in the 50's we don't go out on rollerblades but we go out to their car, we take their order."

While Eddies normally has a car-hop they say it has been busier than ever.

"We have had people putting movies in their DVD players in their cars and they all get to watch a movie and eat their dinner. Something a little fun."

"There has been a lot of people that have said to me this just makes me so happy to see someone, sometimes it's someone besides my husband. It's just a way we can all give back to one another and take care of each other during this time."

Both places recommend other restaurants across the state give car hops a try as well.