Candidates for 2nd District say economy, health care top issues for voters

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AUBURN, Maine (WMTW) - The race for Maine's 2nd Congressional District is expected to be very tight, and a day before the election, the two front-runners took their message to voters.

Candidates for 2nd District say jobs, and health care are top issues for voters

Republican incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquin is facing a challenge from Democrat Jared Golden and independents Tiffany Bond and William Hoar.

The race is expected to be close between Poliquin and Golden.

"People need access to care. We need those hospitals to be open, but it's economic too. All the jobs that are there in the healthcare sector is critically important, so it's a double whammy, really. It's about healthcare and it's about the economy," said Golden.

"My son Sam has a preexisting condition. I always vote for every legislation... very legislation that protects those with preexisting conditions, but we've got to drive down the cost of health insurance. We've got to continue to work on this. It's not fixed," said Poliquin.

This is the first time Mainer's will be using ranked-choice voting in a general election for congress.

Golden says, win or lose, he will accept the outcome under the new system.

Poliquin would not make that promise.