Camden Hills Student Writes Letter to Gov. LePage, Gets "Rude" Response

CAMDEN, Maine (WABI) - Hope Osgood is a sophomore at Camden Hills Regional High School.

She recently wrote a letter to Governor LePage voicing her concerns about Net Neutrality regulations and got an unexpected reply.

She wrote in part "all of my school work is internet based, what happens if I can't reach what I need to?"

The Governor wrote back.

He said: Hope, Pick up a book and read! Signing it - Governor.

We spoke to Hope Tuesday afternoon, who was surprised by the Governor's brief response.

"I didn't expect him to write back that rude," she said. "If I received a letter like that and I was the Governor, I would probably write back more than one sentence. I wouldn't be like, pick up a book and read. I would define why I am saying this. Or I'm sorry, but this has happened and these are precautions that we can take because of the net neutrality law changes and all that. Not just a single sentence with no explanation."

The Governor's office did not respond to a request for a comment on this story.