Amsterdam bound flight makes emergency landing in Bangor

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Bangor, ME (WABI)- A United Airlines flight with more than 200 people aboard made an emergency landing at Bangor International Airport between 1:00 -1:30 Monday morning.

A United spokesman says a cabin pressure issue diverted the Amsterdam-bound Flight 968. It left San Francisco on Sunday afternoon. The plane made an emergency landing at BIA around 1:30 Monday morning.

The spokesman says the 13 crew members helped 197 passengers safely deplane.

Some passengers told TV5 the plane quickly descended at one point.

"Three or four stewardesses said to get ready for an emergency breakdown and so they did," says passenger Mircel Kiok. "The air masks fell down. You saw it on screen, we dropped immediately from say 10 km to 3 km and then the screens went down because everyone was in panic but finally we survived."

"It was scary but it was actually rather calm, it wasn't like the movies where people were screaming and crying," says another passenger, Ben Friedman. "Everyone was just kind of...they were scared but they were all kind of, I don't know, felt like a community. I guess it's weird It's as everyone knew we were in the situation together. In the end it worked out at least. "

When asked what he was thinking , Friedman replied, "just wanted to land. Glad to be here."

The airlines provided overnight accommodations with plans to fly to Newark, New Jersey Monday and then on to Amsterdam.