CMP calling in all line crews as icy storm threatens to cause outages across Maine

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - Central Maine Power said it is calling in all of its line crews for Sunday's storm, which is expected to bring sleet and ice to parts of the state.

CMP officials said crews have been told to report for duty early Sunday, as rain is expected to change over to sleet and freezing rain in central and western Maine.

The company said another 100 contractor crews will be placed in areas where the impact of the storm is expected to be the greatest.

Parts of central Maine could see up to a half-inch of ice before the storm is expected to move out Sunday afternoon.

"CMP will track changing forecasts carefully to ensure our resources are dedicated to the parts of the state where ice on trees could potentially present a risk for outages," said Kevin Elwell, director of Electric Distribution for CMP.

CMP officials said they are coordinating with the Maine Emergency Management Agency, county emergency management agencies and local municipalities ahead of the storm.

Officials said if there are power outages, crews will focus on deenergizing down power lines, clearing roads and restoring power to critical facilities such as hospitals.

Crews will then assess the damage and repair substations, transmission lines, circuits and primary lines. Crews focus on locations where they can restore large numbers of customers at once, CMP officials said.

The next step is fixing equipment and lines that serve smaller groups of customers, before finally restoring power to individual homes and buildings until every customer has service.

Customers can report outages on CMP's website or call 800-696-1000.