CMP Bids $950 Million for New England Clean Energy Project

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AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) Central Maine Power is bidding on a Massachusetts-based proposed transmission project that would deliver large-scale hydropower energy to the regional electric grid.

CMP announced Wednesday the $950-million 'New England Clean Energy Connect' would save Massachusetts utility customers more than $600-million.

Acting as a sort-of "battery storage" for New England, the project would deliver power from Québec to Massachusetts.

CMP officials say it will also provide environmental and energy benefits for Mainers.

"Maine gets, if we win, they get all the construction jobs of building this line. The line will take about three and a half years to build. Construction jobs at peak could be as high as 1400-1500 jobs. That has a ripple effect throughout the communities that we go through," said Sara Burns, President & CEO of CMP.

If the bid is approved, CMP will be investing millions for a Lewiston converter station.