Bye bye beards: Augusta PD raises over $5,500 for charity

Published: Dec. 30, 2019 at 2:27 PM EST
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"This is the end of a three month long journey." says Augusta Police Chief Jared Mills.

More than 35 members of the Augusta Police Department have been growing out their facial hair since October.

"Raised over 55-hundred dollars for various charities through the United Way"

Those who couldn't grow a beard wore hats to indicate their support.

Brad Chase, the department's Community Resource Officer, says one of his favorite supported charities was Addie's Attic.

"Coats, jackets, boots, basic needs that some people might need donated to them. They can take care of that. It's a good charity."

One by one, the officers took a turn in the chair.

"Penny's Barber Shop. It's a great spot. Right here in the rotary circle here in the West Side."

Under normal circumstances, department policy states that officers are not allowed to have facial hair other than mustaches.

"Probably if you did a straw vote, most would prefer to keep them rather than get rid of them." said Chief Mills.

"Yeah, I'm pretty attached to it." said Officer Chase. "There's always next year."

"I like to see these guys clean shaven and looking good." said Chief Mills. I'll be one of them here pretty soon."

"Maybe someday the Chief will let us do it...come on Chief...all year long!"

"A lot of camaraderie here and bringing the department together." added Chief Mills. "It's just a fantastic cause."