Businesses adapt to new limits on in-store customers

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 3:16 PM EDT
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With the stay at home order now in effect, stores that are still open have a limit on customers allowed inside based on the size of the building.

The smallest stores are limited to 5 customers, while large stores can have up to 100 customers.

It is the responsibility of the business to maintain this number.

In most cases an employee at the door is in charge of counting the number of people who go in and out.

Matt Young, store manager for Aubuchon Hardware in Brewer, says they haven’t yet hit their limit of 10 customers at one time.

They’re encouraging people to order online or call ahead.

“Anybody who doesn’t feel comfortable coming in the store can call us right from the parking lot and let us know that they’re here ready to pick up an online order that they’ve placed. We’ve also taken orders over the phone.”

He says cleaning supplies and gloves, paper towels, and masks are all flying off the shelves.

The Paradis Shop 'n Save in Brewer is limited to 15 customers based on the square footage of the store.

To enforce this they have 15 shopping carts available for use.

When a customer finishes with a cart, it is sanitized and the next customer in line is allowed in.

Leeann Getchell is produce manager at the grocery and says things have gone smoothly so far.

"Our customers are wonderful. The ones who are having to wait outside are keeping their distance, their 6 foot recommended distance from each other. Very polite, very appreciative and very patient."

In addition to their regular hours, Paradis Shop 'n Save is open at 6 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays for anyone who falls in the high-risk category from the CDC.