Bucksport woman sentenced to 10 year for death of toddler

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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It's been three years since 2-year-old Kloe Hawksley was found dead in her bed at her Bucksport home.

22-year-old Savannah Smith pleaded guilty Thursday to manslaughter and was sentenced to ten years behind bars.

“Savannah Smith, you did recklessly cause the death of Kloe Hawksley?”

As part of a plea deal, Savannah Smith pleaded guilty to manslaughter instead of murder.

Leanne Robbin said, “By accepting responsibility, Savannah Smith basically spared the family from the trauma of having to relive this in detail for a period of a trial. So, that is part of the reason that Savannah Smith is facing only a 10 year sentence not a 20 year sentence or more.”

Smith had pleaded not guilty in 2017.

Jeff Silverstein said, “She never wanted to bring harm about to anybody, and she is accepting responsibility, and she is going to pay it through the loss of her entire decade of her life.”

According to authorities, the child died from blunt force trauma to the torso.

Robbin said, “Kloe’s small intestine had been severed from her stomach. Kloe was the victim of repeated abuse.”

Many victim impact statements were presented to the judge, including from Kloe’s father, Tyler Hawksley, who was dating Smith at the time.

Tyler Hawksley said, “I hope it really sinks in while she rots in her cage. Today, she will be judged by this courtroom. For her, final judgment day is the day she meets her maker.”

Smith also addressed the court.

Smith said, “I’m sorry for the role I played in what happened. I can’t take back anything I did or didn’t do. I am torn apart. But I am truly, I am hurting as well. I just hope one day they can forgive me.”

Silverstein says with good time, Smith could be released in six years.