Bucksport School Finishes In Top 3 In WinterKids Winter Games

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BUCKSPORT, Maine (WABI) - More than 4200 kids and 230 teachers across the state took part in the WinterKids Winter Games during the month of January.

The goal was to get kids up and moving during winter and have them active outside.

One school from each Maine county competed against each other to rack up points to see who was the most active.

"Hi, we're the Miles Lane Elementary School in Bucksport, and we're representing Hancock County in the WinterKids Games 2018. We're going for the gold!!!!"

All month long, there were activities to get kids outside, to get to get them moving, and get them making healthy lifestyle choices. The kids tracked their progress.

"It's been a month where every week they've wanted to know, 'What are our standings? Where are we at?' So we've been very excited all along," said school Principal Christina Ellis.

Julie D. Mulkern the Executive Director WinterKids made the announcement of their final standing. "The Miles Lane School of Bucksport representing Hancock County is the bronze medal winner in the WinterKids Winter Games...congratulations."

That comes with a check for 15 hundred dollars.

"I just knew that we could do it," said 4th Grader Iris Danforth. "I mean I wasn't really surprised. I'm just excited that we now get to use the benefit for the school."

And it wasn't just the kids. The school was given an award because all of the staff, teachers, and administrators competed in the challenge, too.

"We just have a wonderful school, very supportive staff, all of them, supportive community and parents and students," added Principal Ellis. "So I think that's why you see that school spirit so strongly here is because it does take a village and we definitely have that here. Everybody, it's all hands on deck for us."

The gold medal winning school was in Dayton in York County. The silver medal school was in South Portland in Cumberland County.