Brooksville Free Library offering services electronically

BROOKSVILLE, Maine (WABI) - The Brooksville Free Library is not open right now due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can still enjoy all it has to offer.

From 10am-12pm every Wednesday, they will offer tech time by phone or video chat.

Tech time will help you solve problems with various devices such as a computer or cell phone.

The library is also encouraging folks to record themselves reading children's books.

The library's WiFi is also working great.

You can sit outside on the benches while keeping a safe six feet from others.

You also have access to the statewide shared audio and e-book collection called Cloud Library that allows you to put books on your device of any type.

Brook Ewing Minner says, "Libraries are such an important part of every community, and in a small town like Brooksville, we are really the hub of life, and it's tough because we provide a place for people to come together physically. We have a lot of classes and lectures, after school activities for children and obviously we are tiring to find creative ways to be that connection."

To learn more, call Brook at 479-3933.

To access the Cloud Library, go to