Brewer to begin new trash and recycling pick up system

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - The City of Brewer is changing its trash and recycling services on September 1st.

Trash will now be picked up once a week, and the city is beginning an 'all in one' curbside collection service.

Residents will no longer need to separate recyclables.

New technology at the Coastal Resources plant in Hampden will do the job.

The orange trash bags the city uses will also be replaced with two-dollar orange tags that you can attach to any trash bag.

"Well, we're hoping that it makes it simpler for them to deal with the trash. Collection is going to be weekly. So now they can no longer have to wait two weeks to put out things that they used to put out as recyclables. They can put things now out every week," said Karen Fussell, the city's Finance Director.

The city believes the new system will lower trash costs.