Brewer prom shop helps girls find their dream dress

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BREWER, Maine (WABI) - If you're looking for a prom dress or have some in your closet that you would like to get rid of, look no further than Giggey Girl Gowns in Brewer who celebrated their seventh anniversary this weekend.

They give away prom dresses and tuxes to anyone who needs them.

Recently, they've received a donation of over one-hundred dresses and organizers say the shop's popularity has grown more and more over the years.

"We had a goal. We wanted to get 100 dresses donated and we surpassed that our first year. We had about 120 donated and we were so excited, but after that first year we thought we had tapped out all our friends and family, but friends and family from Massachusetts that I went to high school with they sent dresses. We put it out on social media which was still new seven years ago and strangers just stopped by with dresses. It's been absolutely wonderful," said Giggey Girl Gowns Co-Founder, Kim Emerson.

Giggey Girl Gowns is located at 128 Pierce Road in Brewer.

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