Bread of Life Ministries plans to expand homeless shelter to accommodate those in need

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - An Augusta homeless shelter is looking to expand.

The Bread of Life Ministries provides housing, food, and support services to families and individuals in the capital region.

After years of having to turn folks in need away because of lack of space, the nonprofit is launching a campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to expand its shelters.

The project would cost just under a half-million dollars- they're still about $300,000 short.

They hope to add 14 beds to their family shelter off Hospital Street, which currently can hold 26 people.

The plan would also double the number of beds in the veterans shelter next door- letting them care for two dozen vets per night.

"If Bread of Life doesn't address it, then who will? And what happens I think unfortunately is our clientele end up impacting other services in our city that aren't equipped to address the root issue, which is homelessness. So you've got somebody who might commit a petty crime in the winter to get into the county jail where it's warm or you have people going to the emergency room," said Executive Director John Richardson.

Their ultimate goal is to never have to say 'no' to a person in need again.

They'll be launching their capital campaign after getting approval from the Augusta Planning Board to build onto their shelters.

Those wishing to donate can call 626-3434, or visit