Bradley man tells Geraldine Largay's story with new book

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For many Mainers, hearing the nickname Inchworm brings up a lot of emotions.

It takes them back several years when a massive search was launched for a woman who went missing.

Now, a Bradley man has written a book with two goals: to tell her story and hopefully save someone else's life.

"I don't think I can change that trail culture with the book, but if we change a few people's minds, then that's worth the three years of writing and research."

D. Dauphinee says his latest book "When You Find My Body: The Disappearance Of Geraldine Largay On The Appalachian Trail," was a true labor of love.

"She was doing well on her hike. She had hiked over 900 miles, and at her speed was doing quite well."

The 66-year-old Largay, fondly known as Inchworm on the trail, was the subject of several searches following her disappearance.

"I think her stress levels were so hard for her. They affect you physically and physiologically and mentally, so it didn't take her very long I think to be, to go into a frazzle a little bit."

Her remains were found in 2015, more than two years after she went missing. Dauphinee says he feels like he knew her through her good friends who have now become his friends.

"They were all happy that I told the story. I wasn't sure if that was going to be the case. She was a big part of that community before she was lost and hugely afterwards."

He says there's a culture of relying heavily on technology like cell phones in the hiking community and a lack of back country skills like using a compass and a GPS tracker.

Dauphinee says he hopes maybe the book can save a few lives in the future.

"I think that if I could meet her, I think I would say I'm proud of her for trying so hard and for having the will to drive, but maybe the book will help her story help others."