Bradley Oil Company Busy Keeping Customers Warm in Cold Temps

BRADLEY, Maine (WABI) If you've noticed your furnace seems to be working overtime with these frigid temperatures, you're not alone.

Oil companies are busy keeping up with the high demand. In Bradley, one business is working hard to keep their customers warm.

"The cold came in so fast and nobody was expecting it," says Renne Pomery, who works for Morin Fuel.

Sending furnaces into overdrive and these phones ringing off the hook.

Pomeroy says they've been slammed since last week when the temps plummeted.

"Because they know we're booked, so they're worried if we're gonna be able to get them in that week or is it going to be next week. We've never booked up like this before," says Pomeroy .

Renne's boss, Rodney Morin, says this is the busiest they've been since he got his first truck in the early 1960's. She says they were taking new customers, but right way.

"When it slows down a little bit I'm sure he'll want to take more new ones, but right now we just can't handle it."

Chuck Jackson has been with them for 14 years.

"It's been hectic. Wicked hectic. We've been averaging 70 tickets a day. Usually on the average around 40," says Chuck Jackson.

He says the emergency proclamation declared by Governor LePage has helped because it lets them work longer.

Right now, it's just him and his son, Tyler.

They say they have six trucks but haven't had anyone applying to drive them.

For now, they are working extra hours to get heat to their customers.

"They're used to getting it the same day with us and they can't get it the same day. We're a week out. It makes it hard. People get stressed out by that," says Tyler Jackson.

It seems to be the same case for many other fuel delivery services. We talked to a number of them who have said that they are extremely busy in this extreme cold.

A stressful time for those working and for those paying.

"I mean, we're obviously a cash fuel company, so we want the money up front. If you can't pay it up front, we'll give you ten days to pay it. We're not gonna just say 'no, we're not going to deliver to you because you can't pay right now," says Pomeroy.

If you run out of oil, there may be air in the system, which means the furnace might need to bleed.

Technicians highly recommend leaving this to professionals.