Bradford seminar for family and first responders talks about mental health and PTSD

BRADFORD, Maine (WABI) - Every day first responders put their lives on the line to save others.

Often, they're so focused on protecting us, they forget about their mental well-being.

A seminar in Bradford Tuesday night provided information to the community and loved ones of first responders on how to support those in this field.

The class focused on PTSD and how to help someone who may be affected by it.

Mental health clinician Emily Genever says it's important to know signs and symptoms.

Genever changes in behavior such as increased anger, crying, or being withdrawn are just a few too look out for.

The hope is more people will reach out if something is bothering them.

Genever explained, "It's important that we all take part and talk about this in any way that we can. Supporting first responders supporting the people that work with them the only way this is going to change is if we talk about it."

Morgan Littlefield, a family member, said, "Every call every fire some people don't understand and I want to help them understand that it's not them wanting to be paid it's them wanting to help the people of their community."

The Bradford Fire Department hosted this seminar.

They're hoping to hold more training in the future.