Bond Bill Calls for $15-Million for Local Infrastructure Projects

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A bond bill has been presented calling for $15-million for local infrastructure projects.

It's connected to the Communities for Maine's Future Fund- a bond initiative approved by voters in 2010.

Several communities took advantage of those funds in 2011 by improving pedestrian access, downtown safety and revitalizing historic buildings.

Representative Erin Herbig of Belfast has sponsored the bill.

She says the fund hasn't been put to use in years and that it could get funding to rural towns trying to bounce back from hard times.

"It also requires a local investment be matched. I think that way it's not just a town coming to the state saying we need help. It's also saying we need some help but we've got a plan here. Can you help invest in us so we can invest in ourselves to help attract new businesses and to help attract people back to our area?" said Herbig, (D) House Majority Leader.

If passed by lawmakers, the measure would go before voters in a statewide election.