New Opportunity Comes To The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center On Tuesday

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - Amy Reisman said, "It's relaxing and it's portable. It's inexpensive. It's kind of something for everybody. "

Folks at Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center are bringing ancient technology to Ellsworth with the help of avid wool spinner, Amy Reisman.

"I've been spinning wool for 35 years, but I didn't, I spun on a spinning wheel, and I didn't know about drop spinning until maybe 10 years ago."

Starting Tuesday February 13th, and every Tuesday after that for a month, a drop spinning class will be held from 2 to 4 in the afternoon at the center.

It might sound complicated, but all you need is a wooden dowel, a disc with a center hole, a hook, and of course, wool.

"It's just spinning. If you look at this wool, this is unspun wool. It's weak. It comes apart, but just by putting a little bit of a twist into this natural fiber, you make a strong strand, so this tool will just do what I just did with my fingers a whole lot faster."

Amy says it's an easy technique to grasp.

"I think it's learnable in an afternoon. I taught eight-year-old girls at a summer camp how to drop spin. They were spinning strands of yarn by the end of the three week session."

Michael Reisman, Executive Director of the center says the reason for the sessions are simple.

"Sometimes, especially when people are going through treatment, they've become isolated from some of their friends. This gives them an opportunity to bring a friend and take part in this activity" said, Michael Reisman.

To sign up you can call the center at 664-0339.