Benton Elementary School hosts career fair

BENTON, Maine (WABI) - A local elementary school gave students the chance to get out of their classrooms and learn about what they may want to be when they grow up.

Benton Elementary School two day career fair wrapped up Friday. Students went through 14 workshops which gave them insight on jobs such as chef, nurse, and construction worker.

And this was unique - they also learned about early childhood education using marshmallows.

The career fair is made possible with help from Mid-Maine Technical Center students.

Cindy Gagne said, "Little kids in our culture never get to see what the world of work is like, and this gives them an introduction to what they might like to look into in the future."

"Learning can be fun, and so, the math skills that they are learning in their math classroom can apply to automotive technology or construction. Their English skills can be applied to mass media and communications," explained Beth Carlton.

Marissa Martin added, "This is our first year doing it. We're really looking forward to it and hoping we can have it next year."

There was even the opportunity for students thinking about working in TV to work on the green screen.

600 kids participated in the fair.