Benton Elementary School cheer on the Boston Bruins

BENTON, Maine (WABI) - It’s here...the final showdown between the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins.

They'll face off in Boston.

It's the first time the B's have hosted a Stanley Cup Final in franchise history.

Fans around the region are anxiously awaiting game time, including students and staff at Benton Elementary School.

Alyssa Thurlow caught up with them Wednesday to hear their game predictions.

"3rd graders, do you all know who that is? Patrice Bergeron."

It's a journey the Boston Bruins began nine months ago, and one the students at Benton Elementary School have been following.

Bridget West and her third graders say they're nervous and excited for Game 7. The Bruins have a chance to skate off with the Stanley Cup.

The last time the Bruins took it home was in 2011.

"A lot of similarities between the 2011 team and this team,” said West. “A lot of the same players remain. It was great to see so many of them were back a few games ago as banner captains and still supporting them."

On Wednesday students and staff we're encouraged to show up to school decked out in their Bruins gear.

Many took advantage of the opportunity.

"We all rally together as a whole school. We keep the spirit alive at Benton Elementary,” said fifth grade teacher, Mallorie Chenevert.

Staff say it's a fun way to bring everyone together, especially the die-hard fans.

"Hockey I think is the sport that's isn't as mainstream as the other sports so, it's really exciting that we are coming together as a school and talking about hockey -the sport that I love,” said West.

"When the Patriots we're going to the Super Bowl we rooted for them and we dressed Patriots” said Lisa Roy, student council advisor. “So, it's only natural for the Stanley Cup we dress in black and yellow and root for our Bruins."

It's the biggest game of the year for these two teams, and of course, staff and students say the B's will come out on top!

"I expect that it will be a really close game,” said Landas, third grader at Benton Elementary School. “I feel like the Bruins are going to score on the last second so, the Blues can't score back."

"I think the Bruins will win. I'm thinking 4-2."

"3-2 in overtime."

"Bruins by 5."

"I think 3-2."