Beltone Hearing Aid Centers are beginning their fall food drive

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Beltone Hearing Aid Centers are beginning a fall food drive.

All Beltone locations are accepting non-perishable food from the public.

Each location is giving their donations to a local food bank or shelter of their choice.

"We started collecting today. Our table is actually already full. We're collecting cereal, canned proteins, vegetables. By the end of it, we'll probably be collecting some fresh vegetables and things like that. Eggs are good, but not until the end of the food drive. So we stop collecting on the fourteenth of November and we'll be making arrangements at that point to deliver the food," said Felicia Curtis of the Waterville Beltone.

The Waterville donations will make their way to the Waterville Food Bank.

For a Beltone location near you, you can visit