Belfast church celebrating 200th anniversary

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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - Belfast is full of history.

One particular building in the seaside city is celebrating two centuries of comers and goers.

"This year is really special for the First Church in Belfast because it's the 200th Anniversary of the building of this sanctuary."

Back in 1818 Belfast community members decided it was time for a new Congregational church.

"A young man named William Frothingham came and did some preaching here in the area and they liked him so much they thought if they built a nice new church they might be able to attract him to their congregation."

And it worked...but Frothingham wasn't exactly what they expected.

"Unbeknownst to most of the congregation he ended up being a Unitarian preacher. They thought he held trinitarian beliefs as the Congregational Church did."

So, Frothingham was gone, but the structure remained and a gathering place born.

"It's in really good shape and it's been used. It's been worshipped in and a focal point for a lot of important events and celebrations."

And despite some rough seas.

"Someplace out there in Penobscot Bay there's an Organ."

NATS (Organ)

The pipes of First Church in Belfast ring true to its mission.

"We think about all the people or we might say all the souls who have entered over the threshold of this door, how their lives have been affected by their faith, by their worship here and how this church and it's congregation have over the years served the community and affected the lives of so many people here."

The church will be hosting several events to celebrate their 200th anniversary.

For a full list visit first church in belfast dot org.