Beef Donated to Veterans in Need

Published: Aug. 28, 2018 at 4:44 PM EDT
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Two businesses teamed up to provide Maine veterans with some much needed food.

"Of all the things that veterans struggle with, food should absolutely never be one of them."

Billy Hartt, owner of Hartt Transportation Systems, purchases steer every year from 4-H.

Ricky Hughes, the VP of Sales for Hartt spoke about this year's plan for the steer.

"We got together and he said, you know, I wish there was a way we could reach the veterans. I said, you know, I happen to know a guy who has a great program. Let me reach out to him."

Doc Goodwin, president and founder of the Maine Veterans Project, was that guy.

"Gave me a call and said hey, we've got a whole steer to donate to your organization to give to veterans."

The 300 pounds of grass-fed beef first needed to be processed, and the task fell to Maple Lane Farms, owned by Barry Higgins.

"When we found out where it was going, because we didn't even know who it was going to when we processed it, and so we wanted to get in on the action, we wanted to be part of it."

Maple Lane Farms donated the processing fee and stored the beef for pick-up. Meanwhile, the Maine Veterans Project found a veteran and his family in need.

"When I called him up and said hey, name redacted, I said would you like to have this food?" said Goodwin. "Literally he started crying and said well, we're down to four loaves of frozen garlic bread and a pint of berries."

Maple Lane Farms also donated several 25 pound packages of hamburger to the Maine Veterans Project.

"When we get a chance to help them out." said Higgins, "We certainly appreciate what they've done for us and for the country"

Hughes said, "I think there's a moral obligation to take care of the men and women who definitely take care of all of us."

If you'd like to donate to help veterans or know a veteran in need, you can contact the Maine Veterans Project at 415-553-0523.