Bates College helps reduce waste at annual clean up event

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LEWSITON, Maine (WABI)- The 19th annual Bates College's clean sweep sale took place in Lewiston today.

Hundreds of people sifted through thousands of available items and they started lining up as early as 4 am to get the best deal.

The items in this sale were donated by students which included everything from furniture and clothing to sporting goods and electronics.

All proceeds benefit non-profit organizations, and this community tag sale helps the environment by reducing waste upon college move-out.

"All this stuff is practically brand new, and to think of it not going out to the Lewiston- Auburn community and just sitting in a dumpster somewhere would make me very sad," says Tom Twist, the Bates College sustainability manager.

Thousands of dollars are raised through this event each year, and it provides the community with a fun way to reuse unwanted items.