Bastille Day celebration this Sunday

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CASTINE, Maine (WABI) - This Sunday marks the French national holiday, Bastille Day.

Bastille Day is a holiday that celebrates the storming of the French prison, the Bastille, on July 14th, 1789.

That was considered a turning point in the French Revoltion.

It's celebrated in Castine which was founded by the French.

This event draws in many people, lots of food, concerts too.

"One of the things they do in France is in the evenings they'll have something called Picnic en Blanc. So, that's basically a big picnic where everybody wears white and they bring their own food or maybe they bring something that's been catered. So, we do that, right out here on our Main Street. We block it off and we have huge, long tables and last year we had 500 people come," said Lisa Lutts, Executive Director of the Castine Historical Society.

It all starts Sunday morning at 10.

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