Bangor's Woodworth Kids Are Price is Right Bound

Published: Jan. 11, 2018 at 8:19 PM EST
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We've all got dreams and aspirations. When that life long dream you've aspired to comes true, it's a special day.

Usually when it happens... You've graduated the second grade.

Not the case for one Bangor family.

We met Jackson Woodworth and his sister McKinlee a few months ago.

Their backyard is a shrine to their favorite show, The Price is Right.

They watch every day and hoped to one day go to the show.

That day has come.

"Well I found out actually this morning that I got tickets to The Price is Right," said Jackson.

He took the news like you might expect.

"I literally freaked out I'm going to be there and thought this is going to be the best day of my L-I-F-E, life," he said.

Next week they'll head to the West Coast for a special taping.

"Well, this is actually a kids show, yeah, because they mostly do an adult show," said McKinlee.

"Kids can't be on it, but this is an actual kids show that they are doing. They do this like once a year," said Jackson.

Armed with the big news, they stopped by the station Thursday afternoon, got a tour, and met the team.

Before they hit the road for the West coast, we had to ask, what are you most excited for?

"I'm really excited to see how much excitement the audience does," said Jackson.

"What I really like, I really want to think in my mind is that I really, really, really, really think that I that I might see Drew Carey," said McKinlee. "That's what I keep in my mind."

Their mom says that the special kids themed show is going to air in March.