Bangor's Animal Control Officer wants you to keep your dogs safe this summer

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Bangor's only Animal Control Officer, Trisha Bruen, is kept busy.

Especially in the summer, she responds to numerous calls each day.

Her job is to protect the people, and animals of Bangor.

"Her full time job focus is on animal control issues. So that involves dog licensing, animal attacks, dog bites. She's just one person. She has the whole city and obviously during the busier months in the summer, we have a lot of calls for dogs or animals left in vehicles, and she chases those," said Bangor Police Sergeant Wade Betters.

Dogs being left in hot cars is an issue the Bangor Police Department takes very seriously.

Bruen is responsible for caring for those dogs and reminding owners of the dangers of leaving them unattended.

"If you're gonna be running a lot of errands and do a lot of shopping, just leave your dog at home. It's too stressful for you to make sure you're not taking too long, you know. People bump into friends when they're out, and people get distracted and the dog is left too long. Just leave your dog at home in front of the AC," said Trisha Bruen.

On a hot, sunny day, Bruen will respond to multiple reports of dogs left unattended in vehicles.

Her first priority is always to make sure the dog is safe by looking for heavy panting or excessive barking.

She will wait or look for the owner to educate them on the dangers of leaving your dog unattended.

If she determines the dog is in immediate danger, AAA will be called to unlock the vehicle.

The most important tip she gives though is to always think about your dog's safety.