Bangor to start enforcing downtown parking again come June

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Parking enforcement will pick back up again in Bangor on June 1st.

City officials relaxed ticketing to most downtown areas because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"As parking enforcement resumes, the 120-day grace period will restart, meaning that if you have an overtime violation after June 1, you will receive a courtesy warning first."

After that, you will be given a citation.

It's important to note - there are special 15-minute parking spaces around downtown for things like curbside and delivery pickup.

" During the week of May 26th, we will plan to have the
enforcement vehicle circulate but issue no warnings or citations. Friendly reminders may be placed on the vehicles of egregious offenders during this week – these reminders will explain
regulations and notify of the planned enforcement start-date."

Tanya Emery, Director of Community Economic Development in Bangor, said, "They are really important for the restaurants, the businesses, the offices, the things that make downtown what we all enjoy. We are really hopeful that people will comply with those 15-minute restrictions use that when you are grabbing your to-go. If you're an all-day parker be in the garage or be in the lot where you're assigned."

Kenduskeag Plaza West is still open and free to downtown residents who need to leave their car there because they are self-isolating or sick.

You can read more about that on the city’s website -