Bangor tissue and paper company starts manufacturing during toilet paper shortage

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 6:28 PM EDT
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Last summer the vision of a paper factory started coming to life for Marc Cooper.

"I figured there was there was some security in making a finished product that people use every day."

But when Cooper bought this empty building and got things started back in June he really didn't imagine just how important his timing might be for the future and for his company, Tissue Plus.

"When you work hard enough long enough you get lucky."

They recently started production here.

"To be honest we put our entire live savings in this project so we've always said failure is not an option but it's really rewarding to actually see finished product being made and going out the door in our own cases."

And that product is a welcome sight for distributors trying to stock the empty shelves due to people stocking up during the coronavirus concerns.

"It's incredible to be able to make paper from parent rolls that are made in Maine and trees that are grown in Maine. We're buying our boxes from manufacturers in Maine. We're selling to distributors who are supplying local businesses in Maine and having local Maine residents actually using our paper is a good feelings."

On Monday they began running two shifts, 19 hours a day to keep up.

'We'll help business and non-profits. Anyone who is in a jam."

And after this is all said and done they will continue to be a Maine company helping other Mainers with products and jobs.