Bangor restaurant looks back on a decade of business

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A Bangor restaurant has become more than just a place to go watch the game.

Hero's Sports Grill and Entertainment Center is a go-to for people of all ages every day of the week.

Now Hero's is celebrating a major milestone.

"It's been a fun ride."

A ten year ride full of sports, food, and fun at Hero's in Bangor.

"It feels just like yesterday that we opened on the Odlin Road."

Owner Quinn Paradis says moving the restaurant from that original location to the Penobscot Plaza proved to be a wise decision.

"It was a big economic boom for us," he says.

From concert crowds to the new courthouse being built to being able to provide the area with a fun place for the whole family, customers haven't stopped coming through the doors.

"I think it's been a big need that's been filled. A great place to come watch the games and bring the kids," says Paradis.

Hero's has become a mainstay business in downtown Bangor, which makes sense when you think of some popular restaurants that used to be in this building.

"A lot of people come in and are like, 'I remember when this was Sing's' and the memories they have, and you hear some good stories about that and they remember Jimmy V's and talk about that," says Paradis.

But the crew at Hero's has certainly made a name for themselves over the last decade.

"It's kind of crazy. When I first started, I was a server, and we hand wrote all of our tickets and put them in the kitchen and hope they tell me to come out, and now it's full fledged kind of big-blowout kind of situation," says James Foston.

As general manager, Foston credits the success of Hero's to the owners, the crew, and the customers.

"It's nothing short of amazing. I always tell people that this place blows my mind. Our clientele is 80% of the people that walk in here every week. We know them by name, we shake their hands."

"It's relaxed. We come here for a lot of the games because there are so many TVs," says regular, Amanda Williams.

They opened a second location at Bangor Municipal Golf Course a few years back but have no current plans for any other locations. They have been celebrating the decade with giveaways for their customers and promise they'll be right here for the foreseeable future.