Bangor hospital officials put precautionary coronavirus task force in place as

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Medical officials at St. Joseph Healthcare in bangor say they have coronavirus testing capabilities but have not tested anyone yet.

They are preparing for the possibility.

CEO Mary Prybylo says it wasn't long ago when they had a similar pandemic plan in place for H1N1.

She says there's a task force throughout the hospital system that extends to the community level and feeds up to a state level.

It deals with making sure the proper equipment and supplies are available.

Also, making sure communication throughout the local agencies have clear communication lines.

"At a community level we'll be gathering to talk about our resources, our planning and for some of our most vulnerable in the community and how can we help to support them," she said.

She says one of the key elements to this is to stay home if you think you have symptoms.

You should also call your primary care provider.

They have systems in place in an effort to minimize the spread of the disease.