Bangor curbside trash pickup changes come September

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Changes are coming soon to what Bangor residents can and can't throw out in their curbside trash.

Starting in September, Bangor Public works director says you’re allowed to throw out five bags of trash or you can have five trash cans filled with garbage per week.

We’re told they can't weigh more than 30 pounds each.

Anything beyond that we're told you'll have to bring them to the Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden.

You will not be allowed to throw out tires, construction debris and yard waste like leaves and grass clippings.

If you have to throw away yard waste at any other time besides fall or spring pickup, you’ll need to take them to Bangor Public Works.

Sarah Nichols, Bangor City Council Chair, said, "It's going to really help with our budget. We are going to be able to actually be able to be completely predictable. We are actually going to know what we are going to be spending on garbage. That's one of our biggest expenditures in the city."

When it comes to big trash days like Christmas, the Council says they're discussing solutions for that.

Trash will go to the Coastal Resources Facility also known as the Fiberight in Hampden.

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