Bangor couple takes on affordable housing mission by restoring old homes

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Affordable housing. It's an issue for many areas in Maine including Bangor.

"Right out of college, Kortnie and I moved up here to Bangor and realized the need for housing."

It's clear Kortnie and Nicholas Mullins aren't afraid to take on a challenge especially when it comes to saving homes in her hometown.

"We're in the community, and we see these houses falling down, so it means a lot to us to be able to provide housing. There's a lot of people in need," said Nick.

The couple has made real estate their careers, and now they're taking it a step further by adding hard work and heart.

"We take a lot of pride in being able to find opportunities to create affordable housing for people who need it."

They're investing in homes set to be torn down in Bangor neighborhoods with their new company, Community Real Estate Solutions. They buy old homes and give them new life while providing affordable housing options.

Sometimes just in the knick of time like with a home on Garland Street.

"It was in really rough shape," said Kortnie.

"We just kept going by this for two years and never really paid any attention to it, and then," said Nick.

"Let's go to city hall and see what they say," said Kortnie.

"That happened to be the day that the house was on the voting block to be voted to be torn down," said Nick.

"Minutes away from getting a demo order from the city council when Nick and Kortnie stepped in and said we'll save it," said Jeff Wallace, Bangor Code Enforcement Officer.

"So they were like if you want the project, go for it!"

In about six months the home, will be ready for two families to move in.

"It'll be great. Honestly, just to have young professionals or a family be able to have this place filled will be amazing," said Kortnie.

And, around the corner on French Street,

"This home was actually set to be torn down as well, but six months later, they restored it and now it's move in ready."

"To see this is amazing. You know any time that housing is able to be restored is a good thing," said Wallace."

Find more info on their Facebook page.