Bangor councilors approve Milford Street Extension zone change request

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Making affordable housing is just one reason why Penquis Community Action Partnership asked Bangor City Councilors for a zoning change on two pieces of land – one on both sides of Milford Street Extension in Bangor.

That's near Mary Snow School on Broadway.

In a unanimous vote, the change was made from Government and Institutional Service District to Multi-family Housing use.

The Penquis Housing director said at a planning board meeting last week - they picked this site because it's close to employment opportunities, schools, and downtown.

Residents voiced their concerns at Monday's meeting. Some are worried about traffic.

David, Bangor Resident, said, "Be able to add an extra development or something else in that area is going to cause even more traffic jams. I just think it's probably not the best decision that we can make as far in that particular area."

"We have a reputation that we want to uphold and we would promise and pledge to work with the neighbors including the school to decision affordable housing which is our intent," Jason Bird, Penquis Housing Development Director explained. He added, "To develop something that not only we are proud of, but meets the needs of the individuals that we serve but that fits within the fabric of the community the fabric of the neighborhood."

The planning board passed this zone change unanimously last week.