Bangor and Orono students come together for cultural event at UMaine

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Students from Orono and Bangor High Schools got a chance to get out to their classrooms and come together at the University of Maine for a day all about the French and Spanish languages. And not just how to speak the languages but all about the cultures associated with them.

"It's so cool learning a language as well as having the opportunity to speak in that target language through an immersion program even just for day. It makes all the difference," said Amara Ifeji, a senior at Bangor High School.

The students got a chance to learn about the cultures through song and dance, and more including a rap written and performed by a group of Bangor High students.

"I've been speaking French all day and I can already notice the more I use it the more I learn it and the day has really helped me out a lot. And all the different things we've done from the dancing to the poetry, the games we've played all in French have really helped a lot," said Cam Dowdy, a senior at Bangor High School.

And that's really the goal of World Languages Day.

"It's not just about learning a language and just the structure it's also living the language and participating in cultural events and I think that's what makes students really take an interest into learning a language it's really a motivation for them," said Flora Boulestreau, a French teaching assistant at the University of Maine.

Enjoying the day is all part of the experience.

"Not only learning the language but also having fun. They learn what we think. I'm from Lima, Peru. We have a lot to tell them about the economy, politics, everything," said World Languages Day Coordinator, Maria Sandweiss.

"It's truly amazing for me and listening an d watching the kids is a culmination of a lot of years of them learning the language and loving it and then really reveling in the language. It makes me really, really proud," said Marisue Schuiling, a French teacher at Bangor High School.

We're told this is an annual event and collaboration between the high schools and various UMaine departments.