Bangor and Ellsworth Chambers Host Business After Hours

Business cards aplenty exchanged Thursday evening in Dedham.

The Bangor and Ellsworth Chambers of Commerce held a joint Business After Hours event at the Lucerne Inn.

It's an annual meeting between the two groups that over the years have decided working with one and other can be advantageous.

"There's a lot of commerce that goes back-and-forth on 1A," said Ellsworth Chamber Executive Director Gretchen Wilson, "The road gets shorter and shorter and shorter every year and you know it's just one of those opportunities once a year."

"To see your neighbors because this time of year sometimes we don't get to see our neighbors," said Ellsworth Board President Kelly Cochran. "We are off doing and sometimes we are behind the calendar or at different events so it's great to connect."

"Meet each other and often end up doing business together," said Bangor Chamber President Deb Neuman, "That's really what these after hours events are meant to do. To provide that opportunity for our members to come together and have fun."

The event, as always was hosted at the Lucerne Inn.

New owners David and Joyce Silverman were celebrating one year since taking over.