Bangor Teen Gets Into Cookie Making Business

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The macaron cookie can be traced back to the 8th century.

Yet more than 12 hundred years later, the cookie still gets confused with one sharing a similar name.

A teenage baker in Bangor is simply turning the macaron into her first business.

"So macaroons with two o's, those are the coconut kind with the chocolate, and then Macaron, it's French, and that's like a meringue cookie and it has butter cream in the middle."

14-year-old Jaelin Roberts has been baking for quite a time, never something simple. She's always made things like scones or biscotti, and as she was about to enter high school, she turned her focus to the Macaron.

"I started making these when I was about 13, but I didn't start selling them until this year."

As she brainstormed ideas to name her creation and her business, unlike her baking, she turned to something easy.

"Just came up with Simply Macarons cause that's what it was and I'll be with that."

It wasn't as simple as that though. To bake items in a home kitchen, your parents' kitchen, is a process of a month or so.

"Well we had to get our kitchen certified," said Roberts. "So we had to clean our entire kitchen and then someone came and tested our water and tested to make sure that everything was clean and then before I sell a certain flavor, I have to go to the University of Maine and they test it to make sure bacteria and that kind of thing can't grow in the butter cream because the butter cream has dairy in it."

Once she was certified and licensed, the orders started coming in.

"I was really excited and then I was nervous because I wanted to make sure I got them right," said Roberts. "So my first order was the lavender and the white ones and I had never made that kind before, so it took me a really long time to figure out how to get it solid white without it toasting on top. So it was like really stressful for the first order and then I eventually got the hang of it."

The stress turned to joy for the soon to be high school sophomore, who has to focus on balancing her business, and the books. Not the ledger, but her school books.

"Once I start making them, it's relaxing and that kind of thing," said Roberts. "Yeah it can be stressful, but it hasn't been that bad."

But what about Roberts' future? "I don't know if I want to go to culinary school or that kind of thing. I think I will continue baking and maybe it will end up being more of like off to the side kind of thing that I do, because I am really interested in STEM and that kind of thing, so right now I don't really know what my career is going to be."

But for Jaelin, the baking and the books all seems to add up. "You have to be very specific with your measurements and temperature and every thing, so I feel like I am doing science when I bake them."

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