Bangor 'Street Dad' Aims to Keep Downtown Safe

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) A man named George Spencer spends his days walking around downtown Bangor talking to business owners, folks sitting at the bus depot and passers-by.

While some call him their "street dad" he is also known as Officer Spencer, Bangor's Beat Cop.

Spencer has worked with Bangor Police Department for years.

As you follow him down the street everyone knows his name.

Deb Neuman from the Bangor Chamber of Commerce says, "George is just that you know down to earth, easy going, protector of us and we're really lucky to have him around. It makes us feel better."

Spencer says, "My hope is to make the downtown area a safe place. That's my main goal. And part of that is being visible and letting people see you, and letting people know you're here."

Spencer says he wants people to know he's there to listen and there to help no matter the situation.