Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce hosts first "Hot Stove" session of the year

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The legislature is back in session, and that means "Hot Stove" sessions are, too.

Business leaders and community members meet up in Bangor with local, state, and federal policy makers once a month during a legislative session.

On Saturday, they were discussing a range of topics from healthcare to issues impacting local employers.

"We're also talking about issues that impact our economy from broadband to issues that impact employers,” said Deb Neuman, President of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. “There's a lot happening in Augusta. It's a very short session. So, this is really the first opportunity of the year to kind of wrap our head around what is going on, and what could potentially impact our region, and how we could provide some input."

This legislative session is set to end in mid-April.

The next “Hot Stove” session will be held in February.