Two people hurt, police continue to investigate Bangor shootings

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Two people were shot Tuesday in Bangor. The victims were found in separate locations.

Police are trying to figure out what led up to it.

It was just after 11 a.m. when Bangor Police said they were called to outer Union Street for reports of a shooting.

Sgt. Wade Better with the Bangor Police Department, said, "We got the call to respond to this area indicating that there had been an exchange of gunfire."

Sgt. Wade Betters said they found a man at this house who had been shot.

Chris Langlois said, "That never happens here of all places especially that it was 11 o'clock in the morning."

Chris Langlois was working nearby with his son when it happened. He added, "Heard shots fired. I don't know if it was two or three but you definitely know a gunshot. We peeked out of the trees and we saw a truck with about three people. One stumbled out, looked like it may have been the one that was shot and went towards the house and the other one yelled, 'I can't believe you did that' so I don't know if it was something from the guy in the car yelling to the shooter. Then we came around the corner and we saw a white car take off and go down the street erratically. I stopped to talk to a gentleman and my son went into to administer first aid."

He told us his son was shaken up from what happened. Langlois explained, "I guess he put a tourniquet or wrapped up his leg. He was a little bloody when he came out. He's doing good. It's not every day you do that but I'm proud of him. We need more people like that you know in the world."

Police said they are investigating everything within the tape and around the house and barn. "We brought a K-9 unit in an attempt to track people that may have recently left this residence."

Several officers were also down the road from the house investigating another scene.

Dave-On Miller said, "I heard a gunshot and saw a guy come out of the place where the cops are." He added, "I think it was crazy because I heard a lot of cops went that and that way and they finally went there."

Police were also at a third location on Everett Street in Bangor where they say they found a second shooting victim.

Betters said, "We believe the people involved were known to each other so we don't believe there's anyone posing a threat to the public."