UPDATE: Bangor Police Department investigate "organized scam" incident

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Bangor Police Department says they're investigating an organized scam involving a fast food worker as well as the Bangor restaurant they worked for.

Authorities say the manager reported sending an employee to make a cash deposit earlier in the morning.

The money wasn’t deposited and the employee never returned to work.

According to police, the worker was reported missing at one point because no one could make contact with them. It was later determined the employee was on the phone with the scam artist the entire time.

Bangor Police describe the hoax as well organized with callers pretending to be from the corporate office or in a managerial position. They may even know the names of people working that day.

"Take extra steps to verify the authenticity of the request, whether it's an email or a phone call or anything," says Sgt. Wade Betters with the Bangor Police Department. "Really make sure before you go and send money in an unusual circumstance, because once you send it, it's very difficult if near impossible to ever get that money back."

Sgt. Betters says in this case, some of the money was sent to locations they are unable to trace.

The investigation is ongoing.