Bangor PD and schools working together to investigate alleged incident

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Bangor Police say they've met with two students who told them they've were followed while walking by a middle-aged man driving an SUV.

They said it happened on Garland Street.

The students told police the man exposed himself then took off.

Police have increased patrols in that area and have not been able to find a man fitting the description.

They're working with the school department and continue to investigate.

Letter sent to parents:

"January 9, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I am writing to notify you about recent incidents and to ask for help with speaking to your child about safety precautions.

In recent days, there have been instances where parents or community members have asked children to get into their vehicles to provide a ride to school or a warm place to wait for the bus. Although well-intended, these instances present a safety risk, as the students did not know the adult in the car.

I ask that you talk to your child about not getting into vehicles with people that they do not know, and to ask them to report these instances immediately. Suggestions for a safe walk home include:
• Never talk to strangers.
• Stick to a safe route home and walk with a peer or group.
• Make sure students know how to say “no” if someone they don’t know offers them a ride.
• If approached, move away quickly; yell and run for help to an area near people; call 911 if the student has a cell phone.
• Be aware of traffic and the surroundings.

I am proud of our students for reporting these recent instances to their parents and to me. All reports have been investigated by our school resource officer.

Please know that your child’s safety is my top priority. As always, please call my office at 941-6230 if you have questions or concerns.


Michael H. Missbrenner