Bangor Organizations Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) In August the Bangor City Council followed suit with other universities, cities and states to celebrate this day differently from now on.

Different organizations including the Maine People's Alliance and the Greater Bangor NAACP came together for the occasion.

"It's been great discussions, great questions for people to kind of engage in what Indigenous Peoples' Day can be here in the state of Maine," says Darren Ranco, the chair of the University of Maine Native American Programs.

Ranco says he feels this shows change can be positive.

"This is going to actually demonstrate this is not so scary and it really is about bringing people together," says Ranco.

Amy Hughes is the co-coordinator of the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine and says not only is this a day of celebration but also a day of reflection.

"Actually looking back at what Native people have been through and how we can actually move forward in solidarity. So, it's a day of celebration but also to recognize the immense pain that has moved this process forward."