Bangor Officials Respond following 10 Year Old Girl's Murder

Published: Mar. 1, 2018 at 9:54 PM EST
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New details in the case of a mother and step-father charged with killing their 10-year-old daughter in Stockton Springs.

As investigators build their case against Sharon and Julio Carrillo, we're learning more about their past and the events that lead up to Marissa Kennedy's death.

Seven months pregnant. Defense attorneys confirmed to TV5 that Sharon Carrillo is expecting her fourth child in May.

This news comes after she and her husband Julio Carrillo were charged with murder Wednesday in a Belfast courtroom. They're being held on $500,000 bail.

Marissa Kennedy was found dead Sunday in a Stockton Springs condo the family was staying in. Medical examiners say she died from battered child syndrome after enduring months of serious abuse.

Officials say the Carrillos lived in Bangor prior to moving to Stockton Springs last fall.

According to a police log from August of 2016 to 2017, Bangor Police visited the Carrillos former apartment multiple times.

The final visit in June of 2017 was for reports of a juvenile runaway.

Bangor Police Chief Mark Hathaway released a statement regarding the department's involvement with the family, saying in part:

"Officers did not observe injury or behavior suggesting that Marissa or her siblings were in a dangerous or unhealthy environment... And any suggestion the officers had information they were, and did not act, is simply inaccurate."

And the Bangor School Department is speaking out as well.

Superintendent Betsy Webb says Marissa was a student at the Fairmount School last year, adding that her department followed protocol when they suspected abuse.

In fact, the school department reported the abuse to the Department of Health and Human Services on a number of occasions.

She said in part:

"Although confidentiality restrictions prevent me from sharing the specific circumstances and actions, I am confident that our staff acted appropriately and always in the best interest of Marissa."

We reached out to the Department of Health and Human Services about this case. They maintain the department is not refusing to comment, but is instead not able to as dictated by Maine law.

Senate President Michael Thibodeau is asking Governor LePage to investigate DHHS following reports the department was notified about child abuse reports prior to the death of 10 year-old Marissa Kennedy.

In a statement released Thursday, he said:

"The people of Maine need to have confidence that when serious cases of child abuse and neglect are reported those reports are fully investigated. We must be assured that reports of child abuse are not falling on deaf ears. I implore the Governor to investigate this fully and provide the legislature and the public a report of his findings."

A candlelight vigil will be held in Stockton Springs this weekend honoring the memory of Marissa Kennedy.