Bangor High School student working on study for those with rollator walkers

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Anthony Caccese along with two professors from the University of Maine conducted a study.

On Saturday they were putting their research to use at Phillips-Strickland House.

Residents were asked to complete an information form and survey.

They then performed a grip strength test before walking up and down a ramp with a rollator walker at various inclines.

Caccese then took measurements. With this, he plans on designing a braking system for rolling walkers.

"What I am planning on doing with that data is implementing it to the braking system so that it can model normal walking speeds and braking forces, and then if they exceed that or something abnormal happens it will hopefully apply the brakes and prevent a fall," said Caccese.

Cacesse says he got the idea for the project after doing research on assisted walking devices and found there are a number of injuries during rollator use.

He says the goal is to get the rollator from rolling away from the user.